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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

Military Intelligence Office

21 September 1915

I'm not going to write much now, as I have a trifle of malaria, and a lot of people are jabbering away a few yards off. The weather is now changing very fast. At Midday it is warm, like an ordinary summer day in England, and at night it gets cold. That I think is probably why the fever caught me. However, I haven't had any for a year now, so there is not very much harm in it.  I hear from your letters (a bunch of about 3 weeks supply came yesterday) that you are all well again, and that Armie is going back to school. That will seem odd to him, but he will be comforted by the expectation of a new disease to interrupt him once more. It's hardly worth trying to go on, is it? I find I have a balance at Cox's, of some £60 or £70 so far as I can reckon it out. Would it be any use to you? I cannot well draw on it here, as you lose a lot in exchange, so I have a local account on which I live: therefore the other one isn't really any use to me.

Mr. Hogarth is in Athens just now. He worked in the office here for 6 weeks or so. I expect he'll be back some time or other. The Gallipoli business is dragging, and will go on dragging, till somebody who knows his mind interferes It's been very badly done so far.

No news of Syria: I'm afraid a lot of men from our neighbourhood have gone to Gallipoli lately.


Source: HL 308
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Last revised: 1 January 2006

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