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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family

Military Intelligence Office


I'm going to write only a little, as Macdonnell has gone to the Dardanelles on a visit, Newcombe has been appointed to a R.E. Company there, and leaves on Friday, and everybody is working hard to clear things up for his successor, who is a Colonel Parker, nephew of Lord Kitchener's, and an authority on Sinai and not much else. In any case there is nothing to write about. Jimmy Strong turned up about 6.30 one night, but I only saw him for a very few minutes. He looked very well:

Today is Mother's birthday, which is why I am writing: I believe there is a post out also. For the next one there will probably be peace. I gathered from Father's letter that you had nearly all of
you, been unwell. I hope it was not really serious? They say that the weather has been very bad in England lately. Salute Arnie from me. Ask him to search at Blackwell's for a copy of The Twilight of the Gods by Richard Garnett, and if it's not dear, to send it me. The book must be out of print long ago, but is probably common.

The Dardannelles expedition wasted a great chance it got. I don't like the look of things up there: and the worst is, it was such an easy business till we blundered. We are two to one there, as compared with the Turkish forces, and they have no more trained troops to send.


Source: HL 307-8
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 1 January 2006

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