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Updated June 2012

T. E. Lawrence to D. G. Hogarth

Grand Continental Hotel

15 Jan

Blank! Am in an office all day and every day, adding together scraps of information, and writing geographies from memory of little details. It is the dullest job to hear of, but not so bad in action. The preparations of the Turks seem to be slacking off: I'm afraid there is nothing more cheerful I can tell you.

Our particular job goes well. We all pulled together hard for a month to twist 'them' from what we thought was a wrong line they were taking - and we seem to have succeeded completely: so that we today have got all we want for the moment, and therefore feel absolutely bored.

News has come through that the Germans have laid a light line through the S. Gate, and are taking stone for the Kalaat at Jerablus. The bridge is being pushed ahead. I don't suppose that they will do serious harm merely to spite us: brutes they are. Syria is all turned upside down by the uncertainty of government measures. If last harvest had not been a record one things would not have lasted so long. As it is they will be quite happy till next spring. It seems to be a queer sort of happiness though. I'm afraid we'll never get our gang together again. This you will observe is the depression of complete success... because we really have scored a very big thing.

Salaam me to Leeds. I can't write to him, because office work is not exciting, and I haven't had an off afternoon to go and see the pyramids, and write him a little letter all about them. I hope to get away for a day in the end of this month.

Musil - the Austrian - is head guide to the General Staff in Damascus: queer things happen now a days! Moritz is also out there, and Meisner, building railways.


You might address to me Continental Hotel, a print of any photos. of Beilan you have.


Source: DG 191-2
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Last revised: 1 January 2006

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