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Updated July 2012

T. E. Lawrence to his family


22 January 1911

They have just found your note on the floor where it had dropped, and hidden itself. So you must have another sheet. Am glad Arnie saw Harlech. The group of the chimneys over the front wall are what I remembered chiefly after my first visit. The second time I was with Bob, and remember fairly well.

We had snow this morning, which covered all the beach to the breaking of the waves: such has not been for 40 years. Miss Holmes thought the wire was good news: but was very excited to know. Mr. Parfit does not live at all in Beyrout: but comes down on Saturday for the Sunday services only: I cannot go up to Ain Anub (his schools) for they are 8 hours drive from Beyrout. I will write to him, and will try to arrange a Sunday in Beyrout: when I am going North. Shall be interested to hear what Jesus Coll. does. You must offer to return the money, and if they refuse give them a silver mug: which Hall or Prys-Jones would arrange for Will. It should be about £5: but the odds are 1000 to 1 against their being generous. The film matter is getting serious. Father will be rather puzzled to know what to do with the 'house' if it is left on his hands: tho' I am glad it is to be concrete. Miss Holmes very ungrateful if she complains of me: for I have mended (on average) 2 things a day since I entered the house, and broken nothing. Mrs. Rieder is literary: which is a comfort to me: she has introduced me to Daudet's shorter pieces: all very good, printable. Don't give Mr. Hogarth anything for me, if you can help. Arnie will prove a serpent if he does not get the senior scholarship next year. Tell Father not to write overmuch: it is no great pleasure for him and for what else has he five sons? I told you Mrs. Kemmis' carpet was half-way only. It sticks there, still. Am making a careful survey of the castle, and reading Arabic with Miss Fareedah (who is wonderful) and Omar, Miss Holmes' protégé. I will have to reward them both somehow, since payment is impossible.


Source: HL 128-9
Checked: jw/
Last revised: 8 April 2006


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