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Updated August 2015

Correspondence and works by T. E. Lawrence

written or first published in 1922

Letters and works shown in red have been published and are now out of copyright. Click on the reference to see the published text.

Letters and works shown in green are also out of copyright and will be added.

Letters and works shown in black have been published in the printed edition indicated, but are covered by copyright until, in most cases, 2039. Until then they cannot be included here.


Morning Post (London, No. 46,847, 20th July 1922) contains 'Arabian politics: resignation of Colonel Lawrence as adviser' (p. 8 col. 3). The text of a letter from T.E. Lawrence to Sir John Shuckburgh dated 4 July 1922). Reprinted in DG pp. 344-5.

Draft preface dated 18 November 1922 by Lawrence to an unpublished abridgement of Seven Pillars of Wisdom prepared in 1922 by Edward Garnett and revised by Lawrence, DG pp. 345-6


January 1922

  • T. E. Lawrence to C. M. Doughty, January 9, Letters VI, p. 148
  • T. E. Lawrence to Robert Graves January 9, B:RG p. 11
  • C. M. Doughty to T. E. Lawrence, January 10, Letters VI, pp. 148-9
  • T. E. Lawrence to Robert Graves [January], B:RG p. 16
  • T. E. Lawrence to Hugh Trenchard early January, SITR pp. 44-5
  • H. E. Lawrence to Hugh Trenchard to T. E. Lawrence January 11, SITR pp. 45-6

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