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Updated June 2012


works by T. E. Lawrence
names of correspondents

At present I am giving priority to getting letter texts back online. New additions are linked from the chronological contents lists, but not from this alphabetical list. I will update these pages as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if a letter that interests you is not linked here, please check the relevant chronological list. JW


Letters and works shown in brown have been published in the printed edition indicated, but are covered by European copyright. For the present they cannot be included here.

Letters and works shown in green were formerly on the site and will be restored.


The Palestine News (Published in Palestine by G.H.Q., First Echelon E.E.F.) First Year No. 32, 10 October 1918 contains p. 6 'Release of Damascus' (from a correspondent across the Jordan) [i.e. T. E. Lawrence]

Peace Conference, notes or diary, January 1919 DG pp. 273-4

'Playground cricket' by T. E. Lawrence, in The O.H.S. Magazine, Magazine of The City of Oxford High School for Boys (Oxford, Vol. II, No. 2, July 1904, pp. 29-30).

'Playground Football' by 'Goalpost' [thought to be pseud. of T. E. Lawrence], in the O.H.S. Magazine, Magazine of The City of Oxford High School for Boys (Oxford, Vol. I, No. 5, March 1904, pp. 100-1.


E. Palmer

  • 25 August 1925 DG pp. 480-82
  • 7 September 1925 DG pp. 483-5
  • 10 December 1925 DG pp. 486-7

F. G. Peake

  • 20 October 1927 MB p. 351

D. G. Pearman

  • [1928] DG pp. 576-8

Sergeant A. Pugh

  • 30 June 1927 MB pp. 338-9
  • 13 April 1928, extract: MB p. 372
  • 9 June 1928 MB pp. 376-8 (omission)


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