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Updated June 2012


works by T. E. Lawrence
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At present I am giving priority to getting letter texts back online. New additions are linked from the chronological contents lists, but not from this alphabetical list. I will update these pages as soon as possible. Meanwhile, if a letter that interests you is not linked here, please check the relevant chronological list. JW


Letters and works shown in red are online on this site. Click on the red listing to read them.

Letters and works shown in green were formerly on this and will be restored

Letters and works shown in blue have been printed in the major edition of Lawrence's works and letters published by Castle Hill Press. Many of these are covered by European copyright, and for the present they cannot be included here.

Letters and works shown in brown have been published elsewhere, in the printed edition indicated, but are covered by European copyright. For the present they cannot be included here.


'Abdullah and the Akhwan', Arab Bulletin, 24 December 1917, SD pp. 145-7

Abstract of instructions give n to Nesib el Bekri at Kaf on June 18th, 1917

The Arab Bulletin, secret publication circulated by the Arab Bureau, Cairo, 1916-19. Lawrence's identified contributions are listed in the contents lists for 1915-16, 1917-18 and 1919-20 under their dates. In 1986 the entire Arab Bulletin was reprinted in 4 vols (Archive Editions, Gerrards Cross, Bucks).

Foreword to Arabia Felix, by Bertram Thomas (London, Jonathan Cape, 1932, pp. xv-xviii)

The Army Quarterly (London). Extracts from Lawrence's unpublished 1920 abridgement of Seven Pillars of Wisdom:

  • Vol. I, No. 1, October 1920 contains 'The evolution of a revolt', by T. E. Lawrence (pp. 55-69). Reprinted in: Lawrence (Thomas Edward): Oriental Assembly (pp. 103-34); Lawrence (Thomas Edward): Evolution of a revolt (pp. 100-19). Extract in: Lawrence (Thomas Edward): The essential T.E. Lawrence (pp. 214-20).

  • Vol. II, No. 1, April 1921 contains 'A set piece. January 1918', by T.E. Lawrence (pp. 23-31).


J. B. Acres

  • 15 January 1926 DG pp. 492-3

Air Ministry

  • 21 March 1932 Boats for the RAF pp. 92-3

Ernest Altounyan

  • 9 January 1933 DG pp. 758-9
  • 7 April 1934 DG p. 794
  • 9 December 1934 DG pp. 831-2

Anglican Bishop of Jerusalem

Viscountess Astor (Nancy Astor)

  • 22 July 1929 DG pp. 665-6
  • 19 January 1930 DG pp. 678-9
  • [postmarked 2 March 1931] DG pp. 713-4
  • 10 June 1931 DG p. 722
  • 12 November 1931 DG p. 737
  • 10 July 1933 DG pp. 770-71
  • 31 December 1933 DG pp. 787-9
  • 15 February 1934 DG p. 790
  • 8 May 1935 DG p. 872