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Page updated June 2012

Royal Air Force file AIR 1/2703
Aircraftman Shaw, invitation to lunch with
Under-Secretary of State

National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office), London

Correspondence with Sir Philip Sassoon, Under Secretary of State for Air
1934 Nov 15 T.E. Lawrence to Sir Philip Sassoon [He had known Sassoon for some years] Comments on his posting to Bridlington, likely to last until his discharge: "If ever you feel that you want a nice place for a winter - give Bridlington a miss. Without work it would be impossible.' 
1934 Nov 19 H. Russell (secretary of Sir Philip Sassoon) to T. E. Lawrence. Sir Philip is ill with flu, but would like Lawrence to lunch with him on 27 November at his house in Park Lane. Offers to post Lawrence away from Bridlington during the winter. Failing 27 November, would Lawrence suggest a date?
1934 Nov 20 T.E. Lawrence to Sir Philip Sassoon Responds to the letter above, declining the invitation to lunch: "I mustn't leave here as early as November 27, even to lunch in Park Lane". Explains that his previous letter was not intended as a complaint about his posting to Bridlington: "My 'complaint' is against the foulness of the North Sea in winter, and the excessively northward positioning of the British Isles. I should like to swap them for the Azores." 
1935 Dec 7 T.E. Lawrence to Sir Philip Sassoon Explains that he is unlikely to pass through London until the Saturday before Christmas. However, it is possible that he may go to London to meet Alexander Korda, who is proposing a film: "I have strong views as to the undesirability of any such film. So I have sent him word that perhaps he ought to discuss his intentions with me before he opens his silly mouth again." 


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