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Page updated May 2012

Recipients of the Lawrence of Arabia Memorial Medal 1936-85

Awarded by the Royal Society for Asian Affairs, London (formerly the Royal Central Asian Society) 

Names, ranks and distinctions are given as they were at the date of the award.

1936 Major J. B. Glubb

For pacification in the North Arabian Desert

1937 Sir Charles Bell, KCIE, CMG

For his work in Tibet

1938 Major C. S. Jarvis, CMG, OBE

For the development of Sinai

1939 Mr and Mrs W. H. Ingrams

For ending the blood feud of the Hadhramait

1940 Col. F. G. Peake Pasha, CMG

For services to Trans-Jordan

1941 Captain C. E. Corry

For work among the Marsh Arabs of Iraq

1942 Miss Mildred Cable

For exploration and work for the people of the Gobi Desert

1943 Brigadier Orde C. Wingate, DSO

For the first Chindit Expedition

1945 Miss Ursula Graham Bower

For anthropological work among the Nagas

1947 Mr C. R. Pawsey

For services to Naga Hill Tribes

1949 Sir Henry Holland, CIE, MB, Ch.B, FRCS, FICS

For medical work in Baluchistan and Afghanistan

1949 Lt. Colonel F. Spencer Chapman DSO

For work in Japanese-held Malaya

1953 Brigadier Sir John Hunt, Kt., CBE, DSC

For the conquest of Everest

1954 P. W. Thesiger, Esq., DSO

For his work and travel among the Arabs

1960 Mrs. Violet Dickson, MBE

For work among the Badawin women of Arabia and study of flora and fauna of the desert

1961 Brigadier Stephen Longrigg, OBE, D. Litt. (Oxon)

For his work in Iraq and his books on political and economic developments in the Middle East

1964 Mr Nevill Barbour

For his work as a journalist, broadcaster, writer and interpreter of Arab affairs

1965 Colonel Sir Hugh Boustead, KBE, CMG, DSO, MC

For his work as an administrator in Arabia

1966 Mr Charles Dalrymple Belgrave

For work in the Arab-speaking countries and in the Arabian Gulf and for many publications

1969 Sir Max Mallowan, CBE, MA, D.Litt., FBA, FSA

For services to archaeology in areas covered by the Society

1970 Professor Seton Lloyd, CBE, MA, FSA

For services to archaeology in areas covered by the Society

1973 Sir Olaf Caroe, KCSI, KCIE, FRSL, D. Litt.

For work of outstanding merit for the British Empire and for contributions in research and literature

1974 Professor R. B. Serjeant, MA, Ph.D.

For services in the Yemen and South Arabia

1980 Miss Elizabeth Monroe, CMG, MA

For services to Arab studies

1985 Sir Christian Bonington

For the conquest of Everest

1986 Mr Sandy Gall

For his hazardous inquiry into the intervention by the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the consequences for that country

1995 Mr George Popov

For his lifelong services as a locust control expert in Central Asia and Arabia

1998 Mr Hugh Leach

For exploration and research in Arab countries and NW areas of the Sub-continent and leadership of Young People's expeditions

2001 Mr Colin Thubron

For his literary output, lectures and broadcasts, the product of forty years of travel in Asia through which he has enlarged knowledge of its peoples and cultures

2004 Mr John Hare

In recognition of his exploration of the Mongolian and Chinese Gobi and Lop Nor region of Xinjiang in order to study the endangered wild Bactrian camel.


Information by courtesy of the Royal Society for Asian Affairs

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