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Gallery contents


YOUTH 1888-1914


Family and childhood

Lawrence at Oxford

Tours in France





This reference section contains thumbnails of photographs of Lawrence, photographs taken by him, and a selection of other images related to his life. 

The purpose is to provide researchers with information about photographs that are known to exist. We are not a photographic agency. We cannot supply copies of these photographs nor authorise their reproduction in any place or form. The low-resolution thumbnails here are intended for identification only.

We have given each photograph our own reference number, but photographic libraries and other such sources are not likely to recognise these. We have quoted the owners' negative numbers where we know them.

Apart from photographic agencies, three major sources of Lawrence-related  photographs are:

The National Portrait Gallery, London

The T.E. Lawrence Papers in the Bodleian Library, Oxford

The Imperial War Museum, London 

In the medium term we will add more photographs, and additional information including:
  • Publications where photographs are reproduced
  • An indication of the quality of the source-print (for example, whether a photograph has been reproduced full-page)
The archive is in four chronological sections, some of which have sub-sections. 

A large and representative sample of the archive can be viewed by browsing through each section, starting at the Contents List (click on an image to see the next). However, additional photographs are accessible only from the thumbnail Catalogues. There are links to the section contents pages and thumbnail catalogues in the left-hand navigation.

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