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The T E Lawrence Studies discussion list

Posting guidelines


We aim to provide a tolerant and good-humoured environment for interesting and relevant discussions. The guidelines below have evolved during the life of the list. Please read them carefully before posting.

1. Discussion

The list is intended for serious discussion of matters connected with:

  • Any aspect of T.E. Lawrence's life and interests

  • Relevant aspects of events or activities in which he was directly involved

  • Interpretation and criticism of his motives, personality, ambitions, failures and achievements

  • Public reactions to his reputation

  • The bibliography of writings by and about him

  • Information about portraits and photographs of him

  • Recent and forthcoming books, articles, TV/radio productions, etc., about or referring to him - but see also (5) below

  • Any other subject directly related to T.E. Lawrence

2. Commercial postings

Postings may include links to web pages that contain commercial information or offers, provided these relate to topics listed above. Lists of books for sale and links to low-value eBay items are not accepted. 

We accept postings that discuss or draw attention to:

  • New and forthcoming publications

  • Important Lawrence-related material offered by dealers or coming up at auction.

  • We welcome caveat emptor warnings and discussion about possible fakes or forgeries offered for sale

3. Questions

List members seek answers to questions and discuss differing interpretations of the evidence.

  • No question, however elementary, will be greeted by derision or 'flames'

  • As moderator, I may reply to a simple question off-list

  • To save embarrassment, before posting a message I usually correct any errors of fact or wording that I notice

4. Unacceptable content

  • I will not reject any posting within the scope defined above because I personally disagree with it. Differences of opinion occasionally arise over what falls within the scope. When that happens, I usually consult one or two other subscribers before reaching a decision.

  • The list is for serious discussion. It is not a chat-room. I may not accept a posting if I judge it to be trivial, irrelevant, intemperate, offensive, misinformed or inadequately informed, or outside the scope of the guidelines.  

  • New plays, films, novels and other imaginative works in which Lawrence appears as a character can be noted briefly on the list. However, comment about such works is only relevant if it is about T.E. Lawrence. For example, postings about film direction, or general criticism of a novel, are outside the scope of the list. On the other hand, it is acceptable to discuss the extent to which a dramatic representation accurately portrays Lawrence or the events in which he was involved.

  • Do not submit postings such as circular letters, or anything off-topic. For example, however strongly you may feel, the list is not intended as a forum for debate about issues such as copyright law, access to research materials in private collections, censorship, current military/political developments in or relating to the Middle East, gay rights, and so on. There are many other places on the web where you can discuss such topics.

  • Avoid posting information that is likely to be well known to many subscribers, such as bibliographical details of an old publication. Postings of that kind become acceptable if you have something critical or otherwise interesting to say about the publication.

  • Copyright material: I will not knowingly accept a posting that breaches European copyright law, such as a single lengthy press article. When using quotations in postings, always state the source.

  • List-spamming: I will not knowingly re-post a message that is also posted on another list or board - unless there is an exceptionally good reason to do so. Subscribers are asked not to submit duplicated postings of that kind.

  • We welcome and encourage reasoned discussion of differing points of view and posts that correct factual errors. However, we do not welcome individuals who, here or elsewhere, make ad hominem attacks or offensive personal comments about other list members, or send offensive off-list messages to other members, or persistently attempt to post material here outside these guidelines. If you do this, you will be banned.

  • In order to reduce the time spent moderating, I don't usually explain why I have rejected a posting. However, in some instances I may email the author to query a particular point.

  • Anyone attempting to post spam will be banned immediately.

5. Email addresses

Never include in the body of your posting either your own e-mail address or anyone else's. If you do, the address may be harvested by 'spambots' and deluged with spam. This happened to me when someone - with the best intentions - posted my e-mail address on a WWI Board. I had to abandon the address.

6. Formatted postings

The list can handle formatted postings and attachments.

7. Copyright of postings

The copyright of all postings belongs to their authors and is fully protected under international law. As the list is hosted in Europe, American "Fair Use" law does not apply. Material from postings must not be published or quoted elsewhere without first obtaining the author's written consent.

This is not merely a question of law or courtesy. Many of the contributors to the list are busy people, who do not have the time to double-check and polish their contributions in the way that they might, if they knew they were writing for publication. Moreover, during the course of a discussion people may alter their opinions. The threat of unauthorised and possibly selective quotation elsewhere would stifle the kind of discussion we aim to encourage. 

If you have any queries or need help, please contact the moderator


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