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Rejected legend

Youth 1888-1914

War service 1914-1918

Diplomacy 1918-1922

Service years 1922-1935

Lawrence's personality

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Discussion list


The T E Lawrence Studies list

Moderated by Jeremy Wilson

Brief history

  • July 1997 - The moderated T.E. Lawrence Studies list was founded, hosted by Castle Hill Press

  • July 1999 - The list-hosting was transferred to George Washington University

  • June 2007 - The list-hosting was transferred to T.E. Lawrence Studies


  • There are rarely more than three postings a day, usually fewer

  • All postings are moderated, and must be within the guidelines

The public archive

Accumulated postings since 1997 total well over 1,000,000 words. We plan to include relevant postings within the Discussion area of this site. 

Please note:
The T.E. Lawrence Studies list has always been private. With certain exceptions, contributors' names will not be shown on this site. If you wish to make an attributed citation from a posting in a published work, you must first obtain the author's permission. This is not just a matter of copyright law. It is also to encourage lively discussion. Concern about possible publication removes spontaneity from list exchanges.


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