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Biography of T. E. Lawrence in Yiddish

Warsaw, 'Groszen Bibljotek', 1935

No author identified

Some years ago I came across this fragile and hitherto unrecorded pocket biography of Lawrence written in Yiddish. It is an original work, not a translation. I made the scans below before giving the book to the Bodleian Library, which holds the major British collection of T.E. Lawrence material. Research by librarians on the T.E. Lawrence Studies List subsequently located two further copies.  

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page 1

pages 2-3

pages 4-5

pages 6-7

pages 8-9

pages 10-11

pages 12-13

pages 14-15

pages 16-17

pages 18-19

pages 20-21

pages 22-23

pages 24-25

pages 26-27

pages 28-29

pages 30-31

pages 32-33

pages 34-35

pages 36-37

pages 38-39

pages 40-41

pages 42-43

pages 44-45

pages 46-47

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pages 50-51

pages 52-53

pages 54-55

pages 56-57

pages 58-59

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pages 62-63

page 64


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