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Page updated May 2012

Outline chronology: 1928

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Lawrence is working hard to complete the final draft of The Mint, his book about life in the ranks of the RAF. Meanwhile his competence in the office has led to an ever-increasing amount of RAF clerical work. 


Having aroused the enmity of the new camp Commanding Officer, Lawrence applies for a transfer elsewhere in India. 


On 26 May Lawrence is moved to Peshawar, where he stays two days before travelling to Miranshah on the Afghan border. Here, in the smallest RAF station in India, he is given simple clerical duties - a huge reduction in his workload.


Having completed The Mint, Lawrence is now working on a new translation of Homer's Odyssey commissioned by the American typographer Bruce Rogers. His first task is to submit Book I as a specimen. He finishes this on 30 June.


Lawrence - and his friends at Miranshah - are delighted by the gift of a gramophone from Charlotte Shaw.


Fictional reports begin to appear in the British press, and are then taken up by the Indian press, claiming that Lawrence is spying for Britain in Afghanistan disguised as a Pir (a Moslem spiritual guide). Despite official denials, the rumours grow. This fresh Lawrence embarrassment causes much consternation in Government circles.


Lawrence applies for, and is awarded, a five-year extension to his period of enlistment in the RAF.


An uprising in Afghanistan - just ten miles from Miranshah - makes his continued presence in the area too much of an embarrassment. French and Russian newspapers assert that he is really employed as an agitator and spy.

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