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Page updated May 2012

Outline chronology: 1918 (Jan-Oct)

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Lawrence's field diary for 1918:

January 10 - February 4 1918

    Lawrence takes part in the battle for Tafileh, then returns to Feisal's base at Guweira for funds and advice.

February 5 - 18

    Lawrence returns to Tafileh with 30,000 sovereigns for the forthcoming campaign in the area. He gives the funds to the Emir Zeid, younger brother of Feisal and leader of the expedition, and leaves for a reconnaissance in the area east of the Dead Sea. In Lawrence's absence, Zeid's local advisers persuade him to pay out all the money to local tribes. 

February 18 - March 21

    Lawrence, dismayed to find that his confidence in Zeid was misplaced, and lacking funds for further operations, travels to the advance British headquarters in Palestine, determined to hand in his resignation. This is refused. For the next month he helps in preparations for a major Arab offensive against Deraa.

April 18 - 22

    Attacking the Hedjaz Railway south of Maan: Lawrence takes part in a successful attack on Tell Shahm station.

April 22 - May 28

    Lawrence spends a month going between Akaba and Cairo, providing liaison between the British and Arabs HQs.

May 29 - August 26

    Lawrence goes north to make a reconnaissance of Hesa, then returns to Egypt to spend seven weeks in planning the future direction of the Arab Revolt. Back in Akaba, he continues with liaison duties before joining a raid in the north by the Imperial Camel Corps.

August 26 - September 19

    A wrangle with Hussein delays preparations for a raid on Deraa, which is timed to coincide with a major British offensive in Palestine. The raid takes place and is extremely successful, effectively halting Turkish railway communications with Palestine and all areas south of Deraa. The Turkish forces begin a precipitous and disorderly retreat.

September 19 - 28

    The Arabs surround and capture Deraa, before moving north.

September 28 - October 4

    Lawrence accompanies the rebel forces from Deraa to Damascus, where he helps to set up a provisional Arab government. On 4 October Feisal and the British commander, General Allenby, arrive in Damascus and meet for the first time. Afterwards, Lawrence obtains permission from Allenby to return to England. While military victory is now assured, Arab hopes of self-government are threatened in the peace negotiations by French imperial ambitions in Syria, and by the British Government of India, which has  similar objectives in Mesopotamia.

For the remainder of 1918 see Lawrence as Diplomat, 1918

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