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T. E. Lawrence Studies is edited by Jeremy Wilson


This website is addressed to anyone interested in the life or career of T.E. Lawrence, including the academic community and the media.

There is no form of membership or paid subscription. Much of our content is copyright, but it is freely available to read here.

I work on the site in parallel with editing and publishing scholarly editions of T.E. Lawrence's writings and correspondence through Castle Hill Press. My wife and I think of the press and the website as complementary projects, each helping to advance knowledge in the field of T.E. Lawrence studies. For this reason there is a link to the press website in the top navigation bar, and you will occasionally find links to content on the Castle Hill Press website, or notices of Castle Hill Press editions. The search engine scans the content of both sites.

Neither I, nor Castle Hill Press, nor T.E. Lawrence Studies have any current connection with the "T.E. Lawrence Society".


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As noted above, in parallel with T.E. Lawrence Studies we own and run Castle Hill Press, a scholarly fine press. Castle Hill Press pays the operating costs of this website, and some of the information here comes from research for Castle Hill Press publications.

Apart from references to the press and its editions of writing by T.E. Lawrence, this site contains no advertising.


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We welcome and, to the extent that we have time, will try to answer serious questions about T. E. Lawrence.

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